Wells said he is running to support Superintendent Ken Baca’s overall vision, bring a better focus to student-learning outcomes, expand the board’s recent pattern of increased transparency, and build a greater dialogue about student nutrition.

I hope I can earn your support for the Tempe Union High School Governing Board.

Schools are critical institutions for our future.  They train and help socialize our youth, and they are the engines of economic growth.

A study I completed in 2010 found high school graduation rates and 8th grade scores on the National Assessment for Educational Progress were by far more influential in determining a state’s economic growth than often discussed policies like cutting business taxes.  In a word (okay two words), SCHOOLS MATTER.

But what kind of schools do we want?

Hand on activities exploring historical maps

I want schools where students are engaged and excited, as motivation is critical to student success.  Schools should  treat parents as partners.  Parents need to know when assignments are coming and how their children are performing.  Teachers need to be treated as professionals, but we need to explore concepts in a way that leads toward deeper understanding, not just enough to get by on a test.

But the Board shouldn’t be dictators–we need to think of the District as a team–Board members have a responsibility to listen to stakeholders, study and investigate issues, and try and develop solutions that best match a variety of interests.  But to do that you have to do more than board meetings or show up at schools on graduation.  I’m committed to  Stakeholder Service Oriented Leadership to assist us in the challenges we face.

I’m eager to hear and learn from you, so feel free to contact me at any time at (480) 26-WELLS (269-3557) or by email Dave@Wells4Schools.com.

If you have time to volunteer, we’d be glad to discuss possibilities.  If you’re motivated to assist financially that’s also appreciated.   And we’re always glad to get you a yard sign!  (we deliver and take down)

I hope I can earn your support on November 6!

Dave Wells

Can you figure out the lesson from the pictures below? (discovery is a great way to really learn)

hint: think of the area of the squares

and remember the amount of yellow liquid is constant